21 Theology was created out of a need for young people to understand how modern life and a passion for Jesus can work together.

There is no reason for a person today to be any less of a disciple than someone in the first century. In fact, 20 centuries later, we should be able to follow Him with ease. We have the internet to help us remember verses. We have instant communication to bring us into fellowship. We have recorded worship music to help us connect with God. So why is our generation so lost?Our culture is not designed to focus on God, it is designed to focus on ourselves. We were all raised in it, so now what do we do? We are all busy and tired, but what if we took our flustered selves, came together as a family, and walked towards the kingdom together, pointing our friends to the cross?I think that we can do it. This is merely a place where I talk about how I do it, and I hope you’ll join me on the mission. As Zac Efron would say, we’re all in this together.

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