• Worship Wednesday

    Worship Wednesday: So Will I

    This is a Hillsong piece that I’m sure you all have heard. In fact, you’ve probably heard it too many times and are mad at me for talking about it, but just hear me out.

    I am currently in Kaikoura, New Zealand studying creation care. This is the idea that as humans who are made in the image of God, it is our job and responsibility to take care of God’s creation as part of our worship. Think about it this way: humans are the only creatures we know of that sin. Everything else in this world does what it was designed to do by God, it is only humans who like to ignore the instructions. Learning about this topic put So Will I in a whole new light.

    If creation sings your praises, so will I.

    We should all have that as a goal. If humans worshipped the creator like nature does, how much better could our world be?

    Contemplate that, and please let me know what you think.

  • Worship Wednesday

    The Ascension

    This song is uplifting and fun. I have amazing memories of dancing with Jordan in the back of Elkins Auditorium while a band played this song, and every time I hear it I can’t help but smile. 

    Let us start the ascension,

    Let’s begin the climb,

    Up this holy mountain

    Where your glory shines!

    Further up,

    Further in,

    Just to be with you again.

    Let us start the ascension.


    Were fixing our eyes on glory and fire.

    Your name is branded on our hearts.

    You are the source of all we desire.

    Nothing can hold us back;

    We’re running to where you are.

    This is a simple tune about the one thing we all desire: to be one with God. As humans, that is our basic desire. Some people try to cover it by chasing other things, but at the end of the day, we all just want to be back with the one who made us. How amazing that our one desire in life has already been given to us by the sacrifice of Jesus! 

    We can celebrate knowing that our fate is secure. We can celebrate knowing that we are fully known and fully loved. And we can celebrate by running up the holy mountain to be closer to God!

  • Worship Wednesday

    How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

    I know this song is a classic that you’ve probably heard a million times, but have you ever heard the version by Selah? It’s haunting.

    This simple version of the song allows the lyrics to shine, and that’s where this song’s power is.

    I will not boast in anything

    No gifts no power no wisdom

    But I will boast in Jesus Christ

    his death and resurrection.

    What a powerful reminder! Our culture is all about boasting. We display our degrees in frames so that others can see how smart we are. We drive fancy cars so that others can see how much money we have. We post picture after picture of ourselves so that others can see how attractive we are. The truth of the matter is that none of us has anything worthwhile to boast about because all blessings come from God. The only thing we should be boasting about is Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made.

    Why should I gain from His reward?

    I cannot give an answer.

    But this I know with all my heart:

    His wounds have payed my ransom.

    Again, these lyrics are meant to punch you down and keep you there in humility. There is no reason for any of us to deserve such a huge gift from the creator of the universe. We are tiny humans, and nothing we ever do could possibly earn His favor. And yet here we are: His dying breath has brought me life, I know that it is finished.

    Our modern church culture isn’t often about humility, and I think that we need more of it. It isn’t easy to get rid of the ego, but it is so powerful and so freeing. I love to sink into this song and truly let go.

  • Worship Wednesday

    Worship Wednesday: Burn Out

    Does anyone else feel burned out? School years are winding to a close, finals are kicking or have kicked our butts, and every day something else crazy happens in the world. Life can be exhausting, and I am certainly feeling that right now. This weeks Worship Wednesday is an invitation into silence and solitude. After you finish reading, turn your phone or computer off and go into a quiet room without any distractions. Alternatively, go be alone in nature. Be still with God and listen to what He might share. Worship doesn’t always have to be elaborate bible study or going to a rock-style concert. We can learn the most by just sitting in God’s presence and meditating on what comes up.



  • Worship Wednesday

    Testify- Need to Breathe

    Recently the song Testify has been on my heart. It is a beautiful piece by Need to Breathe.

    How beautiful is that?!?

    Give me your heart give me your song
    Sing it with all your might
    Come to the fountain and
    You can be satisfied
    There is a peace, there is a love
    You can get lost inside
    Come to the fountain and
    Let me hear you testify

    Into the wild
    Canyons of youth
    Oh, there’s a world to fall into
    Weightless we’ll dance
    Like kids on the moon
    Oh, I will give myself to you
    As soon as you start to let go

    Imagine Jesus approaching you and saying Give me your heart. What would you say? Recently I’ve been listening to the audio book of Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, and it has been challenging me. The book claims that many of us are Jesus fans, meaning enthusiastic admirerers, rather than true followers. That message fits in beautifully with this song: Jesus calls us to give over our hearts, our songs, and our lives. This is so much easier said than done! Don’t we all sometimes reach for control over certain things? I know I like to feel like I’m in control by planning, organizing, and colorcoding everything in sight. Giving up control isn’t easy. But here’s the thing: you aren’t doing it for no reason! If you truly hand it all over to the Lord you can be satisfied.

    Imagine that. In our crazy consumer culture of more, more, more, you can be completely satisfied. Not wanting anything. Not feeling empty. Not grasping on to what you have control over. You can wake up each morning satisfied.

    There is a peace, there is a love, that you can get lost inside. The song even says that following the Lord is like dancing weightlessly on the moon. Rest in that image for a minute: you can jump and leap and turn without anything weighing you down. The cares of this world are miles and miles away, and gravity has very little effect on you.The second you start to let go, Jesus gives himself to you, and you can abide in that peace forever.

    My prayer for you all today is that you would hand it all over to the Lord. If you’ve been a fan in the past and want to become a follower, it’s never too late. You can be satisfied!

  • Worship Wednesday

    Weird Worship Words

    Have y’all ever been signing a worship song, really jamming out, when all of a sudden you hit a word and go “what on earth am I saying?” Happens to me all the time. Here I’m compiling a list of weird things we say while worshiping, and explaining what they actually mean.

    Ebenezer: the name of a stone raised by Samuel to commemorate a victory over the Philistines at Mizpeh (1 Sam. 7:12), from Hebrew eḇen ezar, “stone of help”.

    Calvary: a site immediately outside Jerusalem’swalls where Jesus was crucified.

    Holy Sepulcher:  the tomb in which the Body of Christ was laid after His death upon the Cross.

    Hosanna: refers to a cry expressing an appeal for divine help

    Jehova: refers to the seven names of God.

    Sanctification: to make hold or purify from sin.

    Son of Man: on one level this implies that Jesus is human, but on a theological level it actually says that Jesus is exalted and held high, like God. (read Daniel 7 for better understanding)

    The Veil: a separation between God and man.

    Seraphim: 6-winged angels who are highest in rank.

    Bulwark: a defensive wall.

    Doxology: a short hymn of praise.


    Just for fun I asked Jordan about some of these words, his answers are listed here for your entertainment:

    Ebenezer- SCROOGE!

    Calvary- horse riding soldiers.

    Holy Sepulcher- suhhh poker? An old catholic ritual?

    Jehova- they bangin at my door all the time.

    Sanctification- to be sanctified, I honestly don’t 100% know what that word means but I think I could understand it in context…

    The Veil- the thing that brides wear

    Bulwark- something tells me it’s some sort of fortress

    Doxology- it’s a prayer!

    Anyone else know some weird Christian words? Put em in the comments and I’ll look up what they actually mean.

    Lots of love,





  • Worship Wednesday

    Nailed to the Cross

    In honor of Rend Collective’s Good News Tour which visited Pepperdine this past Sunday, I want to start off Worship Wednesdays by featuring one of my favorite songs by them.

    Nailed to the Cross-Rend Collective

    Let’s break this apart:

    Who hasn’t felt accused by their regrets? When we think about things in our past it’s easy to get caught up and feel like our mistakes are too big to be forgiven. But in Jesus, we know that these thoughts are not true!

    When I feel like this, I will preach the gospel to myself. We often forget this too! We aren’t limited in preaching the gospel only to people who are without faith, we can preach the gospel to ourselves and our brothers and sisters as a reminder of the grace we carry around each day. My sin is nailed to the cross, and my soul is healed by the scars. The weight of guilt I bear no more, PRAISE THE LORD.


    We are all set free, and we are all forgiven. Don’t let accusations from regret hold you down and prevent you from living the life you are called to live.

    “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” -John 10:10