About Me

Hi friends! My name is Erin and I’m a college student from Chicago. I usually study in California, but over the summer I studied in Kaikoura, New Zealand. I learned about faith, nature, and protecting God’s beautiful creation. I grew up in a loving family in Chicago. My family also happens to be comprised of 4 atheists and me.  My faith journey is complicated, but if you’re ever in the area I’d love to take you to coffee and talk about our stories. Because I came to faith later in life (later meaning that my diapers weren’t printed with Noah’s arc), I’m comfortable talking about things that many Christians aren’t; I understand that life is messy and so are our walks with Jesus. I’m in a sorority, I head a club on campus, I’m dating a wonderful man, I babysit all the time, and I’m not-so-successfully learning how to surf. Not to mention actual school work! Life is crazy busy, but I’ve learned that God is the key to keeping everything under control. My major is religion, and one day I hope to go to divinity school and enter some sort of pastoral or chaplaincy role. My passion is helping people to see how incredible a life with the Lord really is! I would love for you to join me on this journey of being a Jesus disciple in the twenty-first century. All of God’s people are living this life together. All of my love, Erin

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