This is a Hillsong piece that I’m sure you all have heard. In fact, you’ve probably heard it too many times and are mad at me for talking about it, but just hear me out.

I am currently in Kaikoura, New Zealand studying creation care. This is the idea that as humans who are made in the image of God, it is our job and responsibility to take care of God’s creation as part of our worship. Think about it this way: humans are the only creatures we know of that sin. Everything else in this world does what it was designed to do by God, it is only humans who like to ignore the instructions. Learning about this topic put So Will I in a whole new light.

If creation sings your praises, so will I.

We should all have that as a goal. If humans worshipped the creator like nature does, how much better could our world be?

Contemplate that, and please let me know what you think.