I often find myself feeling stagnant in my faith and wishing for some growth. At the end of the day, this wishing gets me nowhere. What follows is a list of little things that anyone can do to get over the edge of a spiritual funk!

1. Get away from other people.

Your distance from God may be caused by bad influences on your life through who you’re surrounding yourself with. Even if this is not the case, getting some space from your people can often offer some perspective.

2. Try to establish a daily routine.

It is difficult to find time for God when your life is in chaos! When possible, try to streamline daily activities. By establishing a clear routine you often find little bits of wasted time throughout your day that could be spent with God. Even if it isn’t possible for you to plan your entire day out, try to establish morning and night routines.

3. Write in a journal.

Journals can help with spiritual low points in many ways. First of all, if you are distracted or anxious about something in life a journal can help you process and free up brain space for other things. Additionally, you can journal out your prayers and thoughts to bring you closer to God.

4. Get outside.

This one is crucial. God created this entire beautiful world for you to explore, why on earth are you sitting inside? Creation is meant to bring us joy and encourage us into praise of the creator. If you are never experiencing creation, it’s no wonder that you don’t feel like praising!

5. Switch up your media intake.

This one seems so small, but can help so much. Instead of listening to pop music on the radio while in the car, put on a worship playlist. If you like to watch youtube videos to unwind, watch ones about God. If you want to read, read one of the many books out there written by Christians with the intent of helping other Christians. If you fill your life with things that remind you of God, it will be impossible not to think about God throughout your day.