I recently wrote about something I’ve been calling fly-syndrome; our tendency to circle false light sources rather than God, the true source of our light. If you haven’t read that post yet, catch it here. I’ve been thinking about this issue a lot and wanted to come up with a plan to combat it. So here we are: the 5 questions we can all ask ourselves TODAY to fight fly syndrome.

  1. What are your light sources right now?

  2. What do you want to be your light source?

  3. What actions need to change to get you there?

  4. What mind frames need to be changed?

  5. What should you be praying for?

Here’s an example:

Maybe my light source at the moment is placing my self-worth in outward appearances rather than inward character. I want God to be my light source, so I have to make some changes. In terms of actions, I can take the small step of replacing online shopping with watching a Christian┬áTed Talk or youtube video. This switch out is small and manageable, not a huge leap like disconnecting the internet and moving to Antarctica. I also need to switch my thinking; maybe every time I think something negative about my appearance I have to say three positive things about my character and identity. Again, this is a small change up! I can pray for discernment in recognizing these damaging thoughts, or for strong role models in my life, or for God’s presence to be there while I’m trying to make these changes.

I would love to hear what your light sources are, how I can help you, and how I can pray for you. Talk to me in the comments!