I recently finished reading 24/6 by Matthew Sleeth. I enjoyed it immensely and wanted to share it with you all today.

24/6 is called “a prescription for a healthier, happier life” and honestly, I don’t think that the title is too far of a stretch. The book is about making sabbath a habit and tradition, and about the author’s journey with the same.

I was inspired by Sleeth’s commitment to Sabbath. He noted that if kid’s games or activities conflicted with Sabbath, it was the activity that went out the window rather than the commitment to God. I wish I could say that I do the same!

This morning at my church we heard from Kevin Olusola of Pentatonix. He also practices keeping sabbath as part of his walk with Christ, and when Pentatonix was on tour with Kelly Clarkson they rearranged the tour schedule to accommodate his practice. He would not budge and told the rest of the group that he would quit before going on stage on the Sabbath. Again, I wish I was this strong about what I believe!

What’s fascinating to me is how often we ignore the Sabbath. Most Christians I know do not practice the┬átradition, and those who do often practice a loose version where a few hours, rather than a full day, are set aside.

In the bible, keeping sabbath is the fourth commandment. We remember to keep number 1 (don’t worship other beings) and number 6 (don’t murder) and number 8 (don’t steal), what makes number 4 so difficult?

We have to keep in mind that Jesus fulfilled the law, so we are no longer required to keep Sabbath in order to earn salvation. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still a good idea. Resting in God’s presence is always a good idea, and setting aside a consistent block of time to do so makes sense. If you’re interested in reading 24/6 and learning more about keeping sabbath, you can buy the book on Amazon here. If you’re more of an e-reader person, you can get a copy here.