Last night I was reading in bed, and as I prepared to go to sleep I heard that familiar buzzing sound that meant a fly had found a home in my lamp. I turned off the light, and the fly left me alone. Why do bugs do this? They always buzz around and bounce off of lightbulbs until eventually the heat or the collision impact kills them.

This morning, I looked it up. Flies (and other flying creepy things) navigate naturally by the light of the moon and stars. Because the sky is so far away, they can keep their light source at a certain angle to their bodies at all times. This worked out great until humans invented artificial light. Smaller light sources confuse the bug’s navigational¬†signalling, and in an effort to maintain the proper flight angle the poor creatures end up flying in circles around the fake light source.

If we take an honest look at ourselves, don’t we do the exact same thing?

Our natural navigation systems like to keep us at a constant angle towards God. We are His creation, and our hearts yearn to return to Him. We want to fly in line with the moon! Instead, we let ourselves get distracted by smaller light sources. We want to follow God, and yet here we are circling around things that will ultimately lead us to destruction.

A “lamp” in my life is perfection. Rather than angling towards grace and forgiveness, I angle towards impossible standards and defeat. Some people fly around wealth, some around beauty, and some around human love. We are such dumb little flies! Why can’t we see that the true navigation system for our lives wants to lead us and love us? All we have to do is stop following the lightbulbs and look towards the moon.

What is a lightbulb in your life? How can you move towards following the true light source instead of an artificial one?