Have y’all ever been signing a worship song, really jamming out, when all of a sudden you hit a word and go “what on earth am I saying?” Happens to me all the time. Here I’m compiling a list of weird things we say while worshiping, and explaining what they actually mean.

Ebenezer: the name of a stone raised by Samuel to commemorate a victory over the Philistines at Mizpeh (1 Sam. 7:12), from Hebrew eḇen ezar, “stone of help”.

Calvary: a site immediately outside Jerusalem’swalls where Jesus was crucified.

Holy Sepulcher:  the tomb in which the Body of Christ was laid after His death upon the Cross.

Hosanna: refers to a cry expressing an appeal for divine help

Jehova: refers to the seven names of God.

Sanctification: to make hold or purify from sin.

Son of Man: on one level this implies that Jesus is human, but on a theological level it actually says that Jesus is exalted and held high, like God. (read Daniel 7 for better understanding)

The Veil: a separation between God and man.

Seraphim: 6-winged angels who are highest in rank.

Bulwark: a defensive wall.

Doxology: a short hymn of praise.


Just for fun I asked Jordan about some of these words, his answers are listed here for your entertainment:

Ebenezer- SCROOGE!

Calvary- horse riding soldiers.

Holy Sepulcher- suhhh poker? An old catholic ritual?

Jehova- they bangin at my door all the time.

Sanctification- to be sanctified, I honestly don’t 100% know what that word means but I think I could understand it in context…

The Veil- the thing that brides wear

Bulwark- something tells me it’s some sort of fortress

Doxology- it’s a prayer!

Anyone else know some weird Christian words? Put em in the comments and I’ll look up what they actually mean.

Lots of love,