My last post was about seeing God in daily life. “Easy for you, you live in Malibu.” Yeah yeah. To prove that God is everywhere, I’ve rounded up some new opinions for Y’all. I asked some friends from all over the country one question: How do you see God in your everyday life?

These are the responses:

Stephanie- Naval Academy Prep School

“I see God every day in my life through the people placed around me and how they motivate me and love on me.”

Annabel- University of Washington

“I see God in my everyday life through the relationships I have created and maintained. To me, believing in God is to believe you can be the best version of yourself in order to help others. Through the relationships I have built, I have learned what it means to be a better person. Some friends have shown me true kindness by putting others above themselves. Friends who stand by you in times of hardship and believe in you when you have lost faith seem to me to show the best parts of what God stands for. My mom shows selflessness in every aspect of her life. She works hard for others because she genuinely wants to see people shine. Through acts of kindness from my mom and friends, I continue to learn to put others first.”

Ashley- Savanah College of Art and Design

“God in everyday life is evident in my projects and the people who have been placed in my life. From having a God-centered conversation with my best friend to encountering an acquaintance so desperate for Jesus, every day I experience him in others. God gives me opportunities to share my story and love on others in my classes!”

Do you experience God in a different way? Let me know in the comments.