One of the biggest challenges for young Christians is being able to find God and connect with Him on a daily basis. Where is God when you’re stuck in the library for hours? Where is God when you’re doing laundry? Where is God when you’re commuting?

I’ve put together a list of everyday places to look for God in the hopes that it will help someone. All of the following are things that, when we think about them, point us towards God.


The ability to physically get your body out of bed.

Your consciousness and ability to think.

The sunrise. (this might just be a me thing, I know most college students aren’t up in time.)

Morning dew on the grass.

Soft breezes.

A smile from

a stranger.

A hug.

The ability to work out!

The building you’re in. (How did humans even figure out architecture???)

Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Again, how did we figure out refrigeration?)

The Bible.

Music. (Why are random strings of notes

pleasing to human ears?)

A truly beautiful person. (God made that!)

Breathing in fresh air.

The ocean.

A forest.

Your relationships with others.

Language and communication.

A snowflake.

All of His beautiful creation.